The 3rd Annual VGraph KTC Sprint Triathlon will take place on 3rd July 2016 in Kilkenny Castle Park. It is open to both individual competitors and relay teams. Click HERE to register for the race.

The triathlon will involve a 750m swim down the River Nore, exiting at the Castle. Participants will then make their way to transition in the Castle Park and start a 20km cycle out the Waterford Road to Bennettsbridge (via Danesfort) and back to Kilkenny Castle via the main Bennettsbridge Road. The 5km run will take place in and around the castle grounds.

Key Race Information

Approximate Race Distances: 750m Swim / 20km Bike / 5km Run.

Race Start: 11.00am sharp.

Prizes will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place male and female overall and 1st place male and female for the following age groups, 16-20, 21-34, 35-49 and 50+. Participants can only receive one prize.

Please note: the cycle portion of the race takes place on open roads so “rules of the road” apply, this will necessitate competitors giving way to traffic at junctions and roundabouts.


The route is subject to minor alterations. Please keep an eye on our website for updates and read the race briefing.

Swim Route (750m)

Competitors will walk to the swim start from Kilkenny Castle Park and swim downstream for 750m, exiting at the slipway just outside the castle walls. They will make their way to the transition area in the Castle Park

KTC Swim Route

Cycle Route (20km)

Competitors will exit transition and pass through Switzer’s Gate at Kilkenny Castle Park. The mount line will be on the road just outside the gate. The cycle route will follow the Nuncio Road leading onto the Waterford Road. At the Harvester pub cyclists will leave the Waterford Road passing through Danesfort and heading towards Bennettsbridge. They will join the Bennettsbridge Road and return to Kilkenny Castle Park, dismounting on the road outside Switzer’s Gate and make their way back to transition.

KTC Bike Route

Run route (5km)

Competitors will leave transition and run past the Castle and playground, making their way towards the duck pond at the eastern end of the park. Looping back, they will exit the Castle Park and make their way onto the Canal Walk. They will follow the Canal Walk heading under the Ring Road bridge. At the end of the Canal walk they loop back around and make their way out onto the Bennettsbridge Road, re-entering the Castle Park through the pedestrian side gate. The run will finish in the Castle Park.

KTC Run Route