Both options will start from John’s Bridge and will exit at the boat slip down the canal by the Castle Park. The Try-a-tri will be 250m downstream. The Sprint swim is 250m upstream, turn at the bouy and 500m downstream to the swim exit outside the castle walls and will be marked by buoys.  Swimmers must keep to the left when swimming upstream and to the right when swimming downstream.


The cycle route will start from the Castle Park, head up Nuncio Road and out the Waterford Road. There is a turn at the Harverst pub which brings the competitors across to the Bennetsbridge Road. Competitors will take the Bennetsbridge Road back into Kilkenny and continue straight back to the Castle Park. Please beware that these roads are not closed so standard road rules apply.


The run consists of one clockwise lap of the big field in the Castle Park and leave by Switzer’s Gate. Follow the Bennettsbridge Road until the Canal Walk road at the end of the park and take this towards the river. Take an out and back route via the slipway and return along the canal walk until you reach the small path which takes you back up to the Bennettsbridge Road and follow this all the way back to the Castle Park, in through the Tennis Club gate and over the mound, through the back of transition and onto the finish line which is located near the playgroud.