As part of your membership to Kilkenny Triathlon Club you will be able to avail of exclusive offers from our sponsors and other local and national businesses.

The following discounts apply for our members. To avail of these, please show your Triathlon Ireland card.

Watershed Leisure Centre is kindly offering a 20% discount across all of their membership rates (excluding Student membership). This includes 3, 6 and 12 month packages for Full Membership, Pool Only Membership and Gym Only Membership for single, couples and over 60’s. PLEASE CLICK HERE to download the range of offers or alternatively contact Peter Gowen at to discuss the membership options.

Optimal Health

Optimal Health Kilkenny is about improving your health through your food. It’s about fueling your Body! For better health, for more energy, for better sports performance, by providing your body with optimal nutrition for you and your life.

What you gain:

  • Fuel your training and events to enable you to perform better.
  • Weight management and fat loss.
  • Hydration checks.
  • Improved concentration.
  • Nutrient timing.
  • Enhance recovery to enable you to train better.
  • Weekly, fortnightly consultations to monitor progress.
  • Event fueling using the most up-to-date scientific research and sports nutrition products.
  • Race day plans based on each individual.
  • Meal plans provided to suit you and your lifestyle.
  • Improve your health, your energy and your quality of sleep.
  • Tailored plan for you and your event.
  • Work holisitically as part of a team and in conjunction with your other coaches if required.

All Kilkenny Triathlon Club members receive a discount from the initial consultations and plans.

If it’s your first Triathlon or you’re a long term member, everyone can benefit from improving your nutrition.

Wheelworx are offering a 5% discount across all accessories, clothing, etc. and will offer bike discounts between 3 to 12%  depending on the make and model.

Hotel Kilkenny Active Leisure Centre is offering a discounted membership rate of €480 per year and 6 month membership for €250 to members of Kilkenny Triathlon Club.

Ormonde Hotel Leisure Centre is offering a discounted membership rate of €310 per year to members of Kilkenny Triathlon Club.

Springhill Court Hotel Leisure Centre is offering a discounted membership rate of €430 per year to members of Kilkenny Triathlon Club.


Eoin Everard is offering your first appointment at €30 for Kilkenny Triathlon Club members so they can get an idea of physio with Eoin. Any subsequent sessions will then have a €10 discount applied so instead of paying €50, you will pay €40.